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Out-Stream Video ads – Automated Monetization Solution for Publishers.
Maximize revenue potential from your traffic with our Native VideoRead out-stream ad unit.
With our simple integration for every publisher via our WordPress Plugin or any Ad Server.

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New valuable video Inventory

Quick integration – WordPress Plugin / Ad Server

Automated monetization

High impact premium ad units

Non-intrusive & user friendly ads

Full Service & Support

Our Solution

Our advanced AutoPlay player supports all Platforms (Desktop & Mobile), enabling a Simple integration, to be placed Seamlessly at the center of your premium content, and creating a completely new inventory.

VideoRead is a premium high impact advertising unit for superior Branding and Storytelling, shown natively on a non-video content page.

The VideoRead ad unit is a responsive HD video that works in a Smart AutoPlay & AutoMute, that appears has the user scroll down the page content.

Our VideoRead ads will only start when at least 50% of the ad unit is in display on the user’s screen.

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We automatically monetize this Newly created valuable VideoRead Inventory – with our Private Marketplace for an optimized CPM’s and Fill Rates.

With dozens of Demand Partners and Ad Agencies in our marketplace and increasing, a full IAB compliant VAST & VPAID, real-time reporting, and a VIP service & support.

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The advantages of Out-Stream video ads:

  • Monetization ability for all publishers. Now, you don’t need video content on your website to sell video ad placements.
  • Brands can expand their reach outside and beyond video players, to publishers of editorial content environment.
  • Brands get much “stronger Views” for Out-Stream ads only set to play when they’re in 50%+ in view of the user screen, If the user scrolls away, the ad pauses until that user scrolls back.
  • Brands get much “stronger impressions” for Out-Stream ads only launch when the page they’re on gets a user scroll action.
  • 70% of advertisers have said that Out-Stream video ads is important for their advertising portfolios, according to a report from eMarketer.
  • Research shows that users view Out-Stream video ads within content for 24% longer time than In social feeds video ads.
  • The Out-Stream video ads, are much more native with a smooth appearance by user scroll, and non-intrusive with sound Mute only to be un-mute with user opt-in.

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